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Honoring the mighty men of our community:

The dads, the doctors, the nurses, the teachers, the coaches, the first responders.

Throughout the month of June.

Join The Ark in honoring the men whose strength, courage, stamina, and grace shine forth in the darkness of our present crisis.

The fathers, grandfathers, nurses, doctors, first responders,and teachers who are protecting their communities, healing the sick, supporting their families, and facilitating distance learning for our children.

When you choose to send a card to "Any HERO", Ark dads and isolated men in our area nursing homes will be sent a card! Your donation provides direct assistance to those hardest hit by job losses in our community due to COVID-19


For your $10 donation for The Ark's COVID-19 Assistance Fund, your HERO will receive a print or email card. The card will be addressed personally to your HERO with a special thank you message with your name! Or, choose to send a card to any teacher, nurse, doctor, first responder, isolated nursing home resident, or Ark dad who deserves recognition! 

 Ark Adopt-a-HERO Card Form Link

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