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What We Do at The Ark

The Ark is a safety net for Athens-Clarke county area residents who are just able to make ends meet until an unexpected job loss (through no fault or decision of their own), reductions of hours, or unexpected medical or auto expense puts them in danger of being evicted and /or losing utilities.

Prior to approval, the client must demonstrate that the assistance provided will solve the existing problem and not prolong or postpone the emergency. All clients must provide the required documentation for their loss of income. Failure to provide documentation results in denial of services.  When appropriate and necessary, Ark clients will be offered Financial Education services to ensure long term stability and self sufficiency moving forward.

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Services we offer:
  • Assistance with rent or mortgage

  • Assistance with electricity, gas, or water bills

  • Budget counseling

  • Financial education

  • NOAH grant (Clarke Co. ONLY, 1 per year, per person) for neighbors 65+ who meet income thresholds

  • Emergency prescriptions (non-narcotic, when available)

  • Food Bank referrals

  • Transportation assistance: when available for the following: out-of-town medical treatment, new employment

  • For gas to get to and from work/job interviews with verification (when available)

  • Bicycles through Bike Athens

Services we do NOT provide:
  • Phone/cell phone bill

  • Cable/internet bill

  • Auto insurance

  • Bills in someone else's name (other than neighbor's spouse

  • Bills of someone not living in the home

  • Bills in the name of a minor child

  • Bills from a previous location

  • Deposits 

  • Out of pocket expenses (medical bills/car repairs)

  • Prescriptions for ongoing illness/medical conditions

  • Hotel stays

  • Securing housing, housing deposits, shelter, hotel vouchers

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