Each donation helps local workers facing economic adversity during this pandemic.

Thousands of Athens-area workers have found themselves without wages because of closures

required by the on-going threat of COVID-19.  The Ark is Athens’ frontline of response as the

need for emergency financial assistance soars.    

                                                                   How you’re helping Athens

Think of the thousands of workers who would normally be serving you a meal, preparing your hotel room or looking after your child in day care.  Many live paycheck to paycheck and have no clear option for recouping lost wages.  The government may help – eventually, but the need is now.

The Ark is here, now, as it has been for the past 30 years:   Athens’ most consistent and reliable resource for families facing financial crisis.   We need you to stand with us on the front lines.  Your donation supports The Ark as it faces the prospect of historic demands for its services. 

Join us on the frontline – it’s your chance to make history.  Thank you for your compassion. 

Every gift matters...

one person, one donation, one life changed!
Donations can be online by clicking the Donate link above

or received by mail made payable to The Ark:
640A Barber Street
Athens, GA 30601

Charitable Deduction Expanded:

The CARES Act includes a provision that makes charitable contributions easier to deduct. Taxpayers can now deduct $300 of cash contributions to charity for those claiming the standard deduction. If deductions are itemized, then all charitable deductions are claimed as itemized deductions.  This provision is permanent and is not just for the 2020 tax year.

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